Child Counseling

Child Counseling

At Empower You Experts, our psychologist and therapist in our Scottsdale and Phoenix locations provides professional child counseling, where the parent/caretaker relationship with the child is the most important tool to assure prosperous emotional well-being and a secure connection between parent/caretaker and child.

Children who developed a secure connection with their parents/caretakers display a higher probability of living a mentally healthy, happy and flourishing life than those that did not experience a secure connection.  As a result, the parent/caretaker connection with the child is at the core of successful development. Empower You Experts can help you and your child establish a positive and secure parent/child attachment through child therapy.
Child Counseling in Scottsdale 

Learn Through Child Counseling

  • Understanding the child/parent connection, and the role this connection plays in improving a child’s listening skills.
  • Awareness of how parents can indirectly or directly affect the parent/child connection by being too aggressive, too dismissive (too busy, too many rules), too giving (difficulty saying No), too strict, too kind, overly indulgent (anxious parent with limited to no boundaries)
  • Strategies during sessions will be provided, along with homework, to build a positive, healthy connection between the child and parent/caretaker and stop negative behaviors, which will help build confidence in children and parents/caretakers.
  • Understanding and working through the power struggle in the relationship between parents/caretakers and children.
  • Demonstrate through the counseling process how children can be cooperative and independent once they develop and secure a healthy attachment with parents/caretakers.

Child Therapy is Necessary

Children express emotions differently than adults.  Adults may articulate how they feel whereas children will act out their feelings in a behavioral manner.  These behaviors are often modeled from others in their life, such as parents/caregivers, siblings, other authority figures and peers.  These behaviors can also be a way to gain other’s attention. Younger children are more likely to act out their feelings behaviorally than older children because their brain is not developed in a sophisticated manner to express themselves adequately.

Empower You Experts Can Help You and Your Child

We can help children express and understand their feelings to gain regulation and balance over their feelings and behaviors.  Our clinical expertise and safe therapeutic environment is highly likely to improve the stability and resilience of the child, parent/caretaker and child connection, and the relationship with the whole family.

Start Child Counseling Today

Licensed Clinical Psychologists and Therapists at Empower You Experts have advanced training in strategies, regarding communication and conflict resolution that are easily attainable by the parent/caretaker and child.

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