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Empower You Expert Professional Services

We are an all-inclusive practice, providing services to diverse groups, cultural and ethnic groups, all sexual orientations, and all genders. We offer a broad array of expertise and specializations in psychology.

Tele-Therapy Services

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy is a joint process, involving one-on-one counseling both in person and online.  We work with adults, adolescents and children who are experiencing difficulties related to anxiety, sadness, depression, trauma, addictions, relationships, family, work, school, social, and life transitions.  We offer a unique approach, strategies and treatment plan for each individual.

LGBTQ+ Counseling

We provide a warm and safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals, couples and families. We value diversity, educate LGBTQ+ clients to learn to understand and love themselves and embrace their full potential. We offer strategies utilizing an eclectic approach, incorporating an awareness and techniques to overcome the barriers that may exist individually and relationally.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a professional alliance between a coach and client. It addresses the client’s personal life, career, business, and/or relationships. Life coaching is goal-oriented, examines what is happening in the present, helps clients understand and overcome obstacles, and create courses of action, which help clients create the life they want.

Couples Counseling

Couples may go through periods where they feel disconnected, stuck, and/or uncertain about their future. We provide a collaborative and encouraging approach to help couples understand each other, build healthy communication skills, develop the strategies to build a satisfying relationship and cultivate an awareness of what they want moving forward.

Adolescent and Child Counseling

We utilize and eclectic approach and our diverse expertise with a broad array of specialties while working with adolescents and children in counseling. We often recommend parent skill coaching when working with children. We also provide family therapy when needed. We provide a secure, friendly and welcoming environment while working with teenagers and children.

Please contact use today with any questions you may have about our services or how you may be able to benefit from our experience and dedication to your well-being.

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