Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a joint process between the therapist and the client.  At Empower You Experts, we open the door to allow each individual to sit with the human experience.

What types of individual therapy are available?

Empower You Experts offer one-on-one counseling both in-person and telehealth.  We work with adults, adolescents, and children who are experiencing difficulties related to anxiety, sadness, depression, detrimental relationships, trauma, addictions and challenging life transitions.  Individuals can learn to cope with stress, interpersonal issues, grief, anger issues, and low self-esteem throughout the process of individual therapy.  Empower You Experts help individuals heal past wounds and create a life with more love, positive energy, and happiness.  Some common goals of therapy can be to inspire change or improve quality of life.

Individual therapy also allows individuals to embark on a journey of self-exploration. We help individuals understand themselves better, identify and explore their beliefs and values, and what makes life meaningful for them.  Furthermore, we help individuals develop a support network. These are some of the benefits a person can gain from participating in individual therapy. 

Why individual therapy?

Many individuals seek individual counseling for issues related to their relationships and social skills.  More often than not, issues arise from a lack of boundaries.  Boundaries are the physical and emotional limitations that help to differentiate the desires, needs, and preferences of one person from another.  The most important aspect of establishing boundaries is recognizing where you need them.  At Empower You Experts we assist individuals in identifying boundaries and setting healthy limits with themselves and others in their life by providing insight into an individual’s needs and preferences.

Benefits of individual therapy

In addition to identifying boundaries, individual therapy tends to improve communication skills, such as those pertaining to assertiveness, emotional intelligence, empathy, active listening, confidence, and respect.

Assertiveness, which involves standing up for one’s own needs while also respecting the needs of others, is crucial to an individual’s emotional development.

Most importantly, individuals gain valuable coping mechanisms throughout the therapy process.  Empower You Experts use evidence-based practices while working with individuals to help reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, depression and to help manage relationships effectively.

One of our main goals in therapy is to provide individuals with the necessary tools they need to live a healthy and well-balanced life, by using the knowledge gained from therapy sessions into the real world.

Lastly, individual therapy guides the individual toward awareness and promotes healthy and authentic relationships with oneself and others.  If you feel as though you would benefit from individual therapy, feel free to contact Empower You Experts!Individual therapy is a joint process between the therapist and the client.  At Empower You Experts, we open the door to allow each individual to sit with the human experience.



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